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  • euromex binocular microscope for light background


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  • euromex binocular microscope for light background plan lens


    large field DIN eyepieces ( HWF 10x / 22mm ) with dioptric adjustment. Suitable for eyeglass wearers. Binocular tube Siedentopf inclined at 30 ° with low and high positioning. Inter pupillary adjustment from 50 mm to 75 mm. Turret For 5 objectives and mounted on ball bearings with click-stop Achromatic Plan objectives PL 4x / 0.10, 10x / 0.25 and S40x / 0.65. The S40x PL lens is retractable Coaxial macro- and micrometric adjustment with friction adjustment and graduations. Low vertical controls. Fixed protective stop for protection of objectives and preparation Platinum 150 x 140 mm with orthogonal plate of 76 x 50 mm and Nonius of 0.1 mm. With coaxial controls Condenser Abbe O.N. 1.25 with iris diaphragm. Condenser adjustable. With opening for phase contrast blades and / or black background disc 3 Watt LED lighting with adjustable intensity and integrated 85-240 V power supply. The Köhler lighting is […]
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